Oct 19

Whatever Friday

Ohmygosh it’s Friday. Online BlogCon is in 3 days!!! {Cue panic.}

There is just so much to do before then. But first, I need to tell you all about my week! Yay you!

1. Well, my week was a ramification of the weekend. If you hadn’t heard, we had some unwelcome guests at our house last Saturday. (Well, for way longer than last Saturday but that’s when I finally realized they had taken up residence.) On Monday I revolted against my washing machine. So I still have waaaaaay too many bags of stuff in my garage. And two king sized comforters sitting out on my back patio. I’m kind of hoping if I ignore them long enough, they’ll either go away or walk themselves to the dry cleaners.

2. Today is the last day we have to comb each other like monkeys. Until next week, when we only have to do it twice.

{Well, I hope anyway. The lady is coming back to do a recheck Saturday. I am so freaked out it’s not gone I’m having a several day long anxiety attack. Seriously.}

3. I made lotsa sugar. Wanna see?

These pudding cookies are not louse-y. (Hahahaha, I crack myself up.)

I made cupcakes for two. Two friends, two ta-tas. Whatev. {Pssst….it’s PINK week at Something Swanky. Go check it out!}

Β And then I OD’d on shortbread.

I made you some stuff this week that is too good not to share soon. If I can get my act together, you’ll be happy. πŸ™‚

4. I hosted a luncheon for the teachers at Jordan’s school on Wednesday. It’s to thank them for all the time and effort they put into the carnival the school puts on. Methinks I’d rather just write a check to the PTC rather than have to attend said carnival. Just a thought.

Anyway, it was kind a cool because one of the volunteers made Zebra Popcorn. And everyone loved it and I reveled in the praise because they didn’t know it was my recipe. #foodbloggerproblems

5. Two years ago at the school carnival they had this DJ that played rap songs, which I have no objection to (I mean, my daughter knows all the words to “I’m Sexy and I Know It” so I’m not gonna judge). But whatever the song was, it involved gunshots. So I’m walking around with my Kindergartener and my husband playing kid games and buying son-cones and hearing gunshots for a full three minutes. And no one told him to stop it.

Seriously, that’s what I think of when I think of attending the carnival. Gunshots. {I’m a great mom, really.}

6. Um, Halloween is in two weeks. And Jordan doesn’t even have a completed costume yet. She does have a wig, but that’s sealed in a plastic bag in my garage. #momoftheyearawardgoestome

7. Um, since Halloween is in two weeks, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and CHRISTMAS is coming. Holy cow, how did that happen?

8.Seriously, Online BlogCon is on Monday. It’s gonna be great, I know it. #butIamfreakingoutanyway

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope it’s awesome and that you do something that does not involve laundry! πŸ˜‰

xo, Dorothy