Oct 11

Get Ghoulishly Green This Halloween!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine.

Avocados. You know I’m addicted. Like, totally completely, madly in love with them.

I’ve talked about how I put them on sandwiches. Salads. Tacos.

When I’m reading a menu at a restaurant, I have avocado detection superpowers. If “avocado” is listed as one of the ingredients on a menu item, it jumps out at me and I have to order that dish.

Can I tell you the number of avocado club sandwiches I’ve eaten lately? You really don’t want to know the number. It’s like a compulsion, really. If your restaurant offers it, I will order it.

And, well, my love, as you know extends beyond dinner.

I’ve made avocado frosting. Popsicles. And I’ve even filled donuts with it.

It’s like I need an avocado 12-step program.

But you know one thing I didn’t consider avocados for? And I’m totally kicking myself for it? Halloween.

I mean, come on. Halloween is perfect for avocado! They’re green! They can be made to look ghoulish and scary. Perfect for Halloween.

Plus, if you’re having a party, can you NOT serve guac? I mean, I think there is a law or something.

So, in the interest of obeying the law and serving avocados at your Halloween party, you’re probably thinking, “what can I make besides guac and Dorothy’s fab donuts?”

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Well, Avocados from Mexico has you covered. They are doing a Pin to Win contest where you can pin all your fabulously favorite avocado or green Halloween recipes to a special pinboard. The board with the highest combination of repins and liks wins!

You can see the Avocados from Mexico pinboard here: Ghoulishly Green Halloween board example.

Their board is full of green goodies, spooky decorating projects, and of course, avocados for Halloween!

I had a lot of fun searching for ghoulishly green Halloween pins. And, even more fun searching for avocado.

Because #iloveavocadosforhalloween!

Here are a few of the delicious Halloween recipes I pinned from the Avocados from Mexico website:

Avocado Chili Brownies topped with Avocado Tequila Ice Cream. {Or as I’d like to say, lunch.}

Guacamole Grilled Cheese. {I’m drooling. Really.}

And Pumpkin Spookamole. {Because I have to obey the law and serve quac at my Halloween party, obvi.}

Want to get in on the action and try to win a $100 gift card? You totally can! Find out all about the contest on the Avocados from Mexico Facebook Pin to Win contest page! If you love avocados (and entertaining at Halloween) this contest is going to be a total snap for you.

You can visit my Ghoulishly Green Halloween board for inspiration! Like and repin all you want. I’ve got some cool savory and sweet avocado recipes on there, as well as some other Ghoulishly Green Halloween ideas from blogland.

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Okay, now I need to get to the store. I don’t have any avocados on my counter and I’m totally jonesing for one.

What Ghoulishly Green avocado recipes will you share this Halloween? I want to know, I’m so addicted I think I get my avocado high from just looking at photos.

Happy Pinning!

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