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Aug 31

Whatever Friday

Well. What a week! But it’s FRIDAY people, yay!

So, I’m late on getting this post written. Let’s get started!

This week…

1. I moved to Worpress. (Eek!) What do you all think? (That is, if you can see it. Sigh.)

Overall, it hasn’t been that bad of a move. There is a HUGE learning curve with WordPress. And, I’m a stressball on a normal day…so the past four days I have been a little…um…crazy. There are still some bugs I need to work out but I’m hoping that by tonight at least everyone will be able to see it.

{Speaking of bugs…if you’ve ever had an issue sharing posts to Facebook where no image showed up…please let me know what you did to fix it!}

And I have to give a huge thanks to Lisa from Sweet 2 Eat Baking. She patiently held my hand and IM’d with me yesterday to fix a few problems. Thank you Lisa! I owe you cookies and a hug.

And, once I’m comfortable in my new diggs, I plan to write some posts on the why, what, and how of switching to WordPress, because I’ve gotten so many questions!

Thank you all for being patient with me the past few days!

2. This week I still managed to make you fatter treats.

I made you blondies filled with pie and irony.

I made you cookies with my weird hands.

And I made you something skinny. (I know, I was shocked too.)

3. I posted this picture on Instagram a few days ago.

Who knew I would get so many comments about it? I have always frozen bananas, right in their skins. I freeze them when they get too tired to eat. When I’m ready to use them in banana bread or whatever, I let them thaw in the fridge, snip off the tops and squeeze out the innards. (They get mushy…but are still fine to bake with.)

4. Jordan played dress up last weekend. With my old uniform.

5. Thursday was a hard day, so I decided we needed some after school pick-me-up.

6. This weekend I’m going to try and get caught up. What are you up too?

Sorry for the shortness of this! I’m late getting Jordan to school, eek! Again, thanks for all the patience with me this week, and for all your kind words about my new site! :) Y’all rock and I hope you have the best weekend eeeevah.


Dorothy :)

44 comments on “Whatever Friday

  1. I worked on projects for a workshop in January (yes, that far ahead), baked Chocolate Chip shortbread to send to a friend’s son in Afghanistan, made Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cookies to send to everybody else on the planet (LOL!), did lots of ironing from a husband’s business trip, and actually have the September apron sewn, thanks to a sleepless (in Seattle) night! Whew, I’m tired, but the work isn’t going away. Feels like Fall is around the corner and my baking will reflect the chill in the air. Have a great weekend, XOXO

  2. Yay I can see it! & it looks pretty. Good job =)

    I’m going to cook/bake this weekend! Super excited about that. And we have a 30th bday party to go to tomorrow night. Also excited about the drinks I’ll be drinking 😉

  3. When I do bananas for smoothies, I just cut the peel off the frozen banana. I doubt there’s an elegant way to deal with frozen bananas.
    Happy Friday! (And you should go buy something pretty for Jordan’s teacher…because she’s probably as exhausted as I am.)

  4. Happy Friday, my dear pal. Breathe!! The move is over and the little bugs should be easier to fix than the stress from the move. I hope. I have wine coolers if you want them!!

  5. TGIF, I cannot wait for the long weekend, hope you have good one!

  6. Yay for Friday! We’ve got something planned for every day this weekend so not exactly relaxing but it should be fun. Following you now on Instagram – just can’t get enough!

  7. Aww, thanks for the mention. As you know, I’m more than happy to help you out anytime you need a hand. I’m loving the new look and the customisations you’ve done to the theme. Looks so great, Dorothy. :)

    I’m not having that problem where no images come up when sharing on Facebook. Perhaps try adding class=”post-image” to the first or main image HTML you want displaying? Also, Commentluv isn’t working. Mine did that too when I installed. I deleted it and all the files and reinstalled and that fixed mine.

    Hope you manage to iron out any issues. Did you create a .htaccess file so you don’t lose subscribers? I can help you out with that if you haven’t. I changed my permalink structure when I moved to my WP blog so I’ve still got a lot of post links to edit now. Some old links still have the address. Gah!

    • Well, FB is working now, guess I was too impatient! I deactivated Commentluv. My API URL is still set at the temporary domain. I can’t figure out where to find the correct one! I think that my GFC followers and my regular ones have come with. Fingers crossed. Thanks again Lisa!!!

  8. I’ve frozen bananas all the time, but never thought to do it in the skins. That picture kinda creeps me out. Reminds me of something I found in my son’s backpack several years ago….
    LOVE your new digs here. You are so awesome and brave to do this on your own. Just know, I will have questions on how to use wordpress. So get that post written, k? Thanks!

  9. I freeze bananas all the time too, but I have to peel them first. The black skins kinda freak me out:-) And then I have to touch them to get the banana out…I’m good with the little bit of extra time it takes to peel first!!! You have been a busy lady! So many yummy treats and a move to wordpress! I can’t wait to see your tips for WP…my time to move is coming up!!!

  10. I love it, looks wonderful!! Love all the treats you made this week!! I didnt know you could freeze bananas I will be doing that!

  11. Congrats on the move to WP, Dorothy! I’ll definitely need to stay tuned when you write about that switch, as it is something I’m contemplating too!


  12. I have bananas like that all the time in my freezer! I used them in my protein shakes. I think moving to wordpress for me is like when Rob get’s a hair cut, I just don’t notice unless it’s all wrong. So you are all good! Have a great weekend!

  13. The new site looks great! Looking forward to your next post. Have a great weekend!

  14. MOVIN ON UP SWEET GIRL!!! This looks just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST BLOG IN TOWN GIRL!
    Excited for you. TS

  15. Dorothy, Your new “home” is fabulous! It really looks great and so streamline! My blog is in the middle of a re-do also:) I always have bananas in the freezer that look JUST like yours:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. At first I was sad thinking you were ending your blog (because it’s one of my favorites)…I’m glad it was just a makeover. I love the new website!

  17. LOVE the new home:) stress seems to be the theme of the week! Hope your weekend is relaxing

  18. I am very excited to hear how you did it. Also, how you are still showing up in my dashboard! That is my one thing keeping me from moving over to WordPress — I mostly read the blogs that show up on my blogger dashboard and I want to keep myself present in others’ dashboards. Hope you get it all figured out soon! LOOKS GREAT!

  19. That frozen caramel pie looks amazing! Never thought about freezing bananas. What is that delicious looking Starbucks drink in front??!!? I want one right now :)

  20. Dorothy! You site looks great! I am loving your instagram feed at the bottom! So cool! Sometimes I noticed if I use the “Get Short Link” button to grab my code and paste that in Facebook, it wont show up. So now I just use the full URL code to get a snipet. Otherwise I just upload a picture to Facebook and link up the post in the status. Is that what you’re talking about? Does that even make sense?? LOL – it’s been a long day. :)

  21. I do the same thing with bananas! They are great for smoothies and skinny desserts. And your blog looks great :)

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