May 28


Do you read this using an RSS feed? (If so, thanks for subscribing!)  If you’re using a reader, you probably haven’t noticed my fabulous new buttons over there on the right.  Go ahead and click through to my site…I’ll wait…you there? Great!

Let me introduce you to my new buttons. I wanted an easy way for my readers to follow me, but I wanted something cute.  So I made cookies, of course.

Now I have a button that will take you directly to my Facebook page (where you can ‘like’ and follow me):

There’s one for Twitter (@crazyforcrust):

Even for RSS, if you happen to come to my actual site.  (RSS enables you to follow me in a reader, such as Google Reader, so my posts go to one place.)

I added an “email me” button too, in case you have a question or want to drop me a recipe suggestion or tell me how fabulous I am (just kidding!)

To make my buttons I made sugar cookies and topped them with royal icing.  The details are done with food writers.  If you haven’t stumbled upon those yet, they are awesome! You can find them at craft stores like Michaels or kitchen stores like Sur la Table, or online.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you decide to follow me!