Oct 13


I love to bake, as you can probably tell. I love to eat what I bake too (who doesn’t?)  In my house, this is the exchange that usually happens after baking occurs:
Scene: it’s 8:30 pm, time for a little dessert. A freshly baked pie/cake/plate of cookies sits on the counter.
Me (cutting a huge slice of pie, because who can resist?): “Sweetie, would you like some pie?”
My husband (reaching into the freezer): “No, I’ll just have this Skinny Cow ice cream cup, only 2 WW points.”
Repeat scene every night until pie/cake/plate of cookies is gone, all eaten by guess who?
So I needed a way to make a pie that’s smaller. Cookies, they are easy to give away or freeze (as long as they are hidden in the depths of the freezer). Cakes can be made into cupcakes, also easy to give away or freeze. But pie? You can’t really give away a half-eaten pie.
What to do? The answer popped in to my head one evening (probably as I was scarfing down the 5th piece of butter pecan pie crust.)
Mini Pies! You can freeze or share them, and only eat one serving at a time! And they are super easy to make.
I started with a silicone cupcake pan, but as you can see below you can also use a regular pan, just use cupcake liners. Either way, they pop right out.
Just add scoop of your crust mixture into each liner and shape into a mini pie. Watch when baking, some recipes may require a shorter time in the oven. Fill as desired.
Genius! Now I can bake my pie and eat it too, without eating the entire thing, one slice at a time. Share and freeze, my new motto.